• Want to reach the next milestone in your business but lack a brand strategy or impactful website? 

  • Need someone to brand your new business vision? 

  • Are you someone who understands the value and impact of good design but don’t have a big agency budget? 


My name is Sriprae (pronounced see.pray), and I am the founder and CEO of Abuchon Design Co. 

I help you realize your vision by strengthening your brand’s impact through design.

When I first started Abuchon it was for my freelancing gigs. Startups and companies hired me to design and build their brands. I have worked with many local small businesses and with some well-known corporations like Sally Beauty, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus. In addition I have worked with large advertising & marketing companies and with a small hometown agency. Abuchon Design Co. is now an agile team comprised of individual entrepreneurs. 

Through these experiences I have honed my skills at
interpreting a client’s needs and meeting it with the right solutions and the wow-factor. 

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Pain Points

In 2014 Rhythm Intensive™, a paramusic education organization developed by music producer and professional drummer
John Anthony Martinez and legendary bass guitar player Chuck Rainey, hired me to develop their brand and design their print collateral and website. They understood the value and impact of good design, and they needed someone to brand their
business vision. 

Solutions with the Wow-Factor

The branding I developed for them attracted the attention of their desired audience and has continually served as a conversation starter initiated by people who encounter their logo.

Realization of Their Vision

One of Rhythm Intensive’s objectives was to obtain sponsorship from leaders and influencers within the music industry at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Expos in L.A. and Nashville. To arm John and Chuck for success I branded and designed their booth banners and posters, sponsorship packets, and company booklets. As of 2016 they have gained sponsorships from Noble & Cooley, Roland, Regal Tip, Xotic, Warwick, Laudo, Headhunters, Viel Music, Boss, and JamTech just to name a few.

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At Abuchon we take our clients through a process from their existing condition to the realization of their vision.
We accomplish this through research, strategy, design, and development. 

Our solution-oriented process helps our clients succeed in communicating their core values, attracting the attention of their desired audience/clients; and selling their ideas, products, and services. 

With Abuchon Design Co. we lessen your stress, we maximize your time so you can focus on what you do best, and we add value to your business. Don’t let your pain points keep you up at night any longer.  

Ready to discover what Abuchon Design Co. can do for you?

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